7. April 2021

Lichtwelten – Martin Hahn

Ein genauer Blick schärft die Empfindungen, gerade in einer Welt voller oberflächlicher Bilder.

Light Observations
Photographs by Martin Hahn

The light scapes in this series manifested in spontaneous situations where sunlight was naturally reflected off a number of objects before settling on a two-dimensional surface, documented without interference or manipulation. I love observing light and how it exposes and contours our visual reality.

Light Observations is inspired by this love.Noticing light as form, and the beauty and emotion it creates in our environments every day.I f we are aware and mindful of light, we are able to see magical shapes that appear around us for no reason other than that they are there.

Looking at these “pictures on the wall”, I wanted to capture and share the transient, evocative and emotive imagery at play.

light 1
light 2
light 3
light 4
light 5
light 6
light 7
light 8
light 9
light 10
light 11
light 12
light 13
light 14
light 15
light 16